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Food and Wine

We eat and drink to nourish our bodies, create bonds with old friends and new partners, celebrate important events and honor our heroes. At Ciao Vino, we make our plates with love and choose our wines with passion. We want to teach you about food and wine, and show you the rich rewards of life in the slow lane.

Selecting Quality Products

Ciao Vino is passion and research:

Irrepressible passion for all things that are good – for quality products, artisanal and well-made, offered by small producers or large companies with love and professionalism.

Our dishes are all small plates that are developed to compliment the notes in the wine.

A constant search for excellence, for a deeper understanding, for knowledge, for stories, for work and dedication.

All that Ciao Vino has is the result of careful selection of wines from producers that remain attentive to the traditions and proper methods of processing, in Italy and beyond.

Passion and research are applied at Ciao Vino, to the dishes presented at the wine bar, the labels of the winery, to the cheeses and cold cuts.


Ciao Vino works to make the world more open, brighter and livelier. We can overcome any difficult situation because we do not lose heart. We believe in the power of community and dedication.

Wine, food, and business are about relationships. We listen, observe, interact, and build connections to create a product and atmosphere you desire. We could have the best wine in the world, but without our community, we will never sell it. We care about you and your best interests, and we believe this commitment to your health and happiness makes Ciao Vino flourish!

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